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After doing a little research, it sounds like nothing more than a sickening story of manipulation and greed, by the charlatans that "discovered" Tichy. The found this manipulable old character with his pervy photos, scooped the photos up for a few bucks, and promoted him as the next big thing, so the photos could be sold for big money. Throw in a few insecure addle-brained curators, and you have the new flavor of the month. I like and respect a lot of contemporary art, but sometimes people need to grow a pair and call bullshit.
Mr Roman Buxbaum does appear very often as the discoverer, rescuer and promoter of Tichy.

BTW the prints on display at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney appear, as best as can be ascertained behind glass, to be on fibre based paper (they have the characteristic curl, albeit slight), so he's not that naive, or perhaps the rats ate all the resin coated ones.

BTW whoever mentioned him in the same sentence as Sudek will please wash their mouth out!