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I will warn you, get CHEAP film. I spend all of my money on film and film processing...literally.
lol I already spend half my money on film and processing. The other half goes to buying cameras.
In case you don't already know, some of the least expensive film is available from Freestyle Photo. They have a line of house-brand products called "Arista." The Arista.EDU Ultra products are the current price champs. They're made by Foma. Other Arista products are made by others (including Kodak for some new bulk-loaded 35mm film). Pay attention to the specific name (Arista Premium, Arista.EDU Ultra, etc.). Personally, I rather like the look of the Foma products, although the quality control leaves a bit to be desired.

Speaking of bulk loading, that can be a good way to save money on 35mm film. For instance: a 100-foot bulk roll of Arista.EDU Ultra 400 costs $23.99. That'll give you about 18 36-exposure rolls. Each 36-exposure roll of this film costs $2.39, so 18 rolls would set you back $43.02. You can pick up a used bulk loader on eBay for $10-$30 shipped (sometimes a bit more if the auction includes lots of extras). A new one costs about $30-$50. You'll need film cartridges, but if you load onto cartridges from a minilab these can be free. The bottom line is that bulk loading will pay for itself after just one or two bulk rolls.