There are no real secrets today to building cameras and lenses,
the principle issues are the price point in the marketplace,
and how much profit the builder wants to get.
We are familiar with the notion that 80% of perfection can be achieved with 20% of the cost.
Just how close a firm wants to come to perfection is an interesting choice for the makers.

Comparing the policies of, say, Cosina and Leica, my own feeling is that the mechanics of Leica have become
too much a self destructive obsession while Cosina's Voigtlander brand falls short by the narrowest of margins.
The gap between C-V & Leica is great, and the Zeiss commitment to place products in that middle range makes me happy.

Zeiss has over a century's experience with joint ventures. In today's world, it isn't enough to sketch out a lens design on the back of an envelope, you engineer the lens together with the manufacturing process: it is impossible to design a lens without designing the means of making it. THIS is the genius of Zeiss, and the Zeiss-Ikon brand is a testament to the passion and capability of CZ & C-V. Everything that comes from Zeiss-Ikon manufacture meets the criteria of CZ and C-V. It doesn't matter WHERE the manufacturing takes place.

Camera-snobbery is too often a socially tolerated form of bigotry and racism. Design and manufacturing excellence - across political and cultural borders - rely on wisdom and passion, qualities inherent to our species and NOT related to melanin levels or blood type.