I thought I would finally start using this group as it was intended to. I have been watching for a few years now, and have had many questions answered by the collective wisdom available here, but never posted anything.

My name is Collin, I am a senior at the Corcoran in Washington, which has quite an amazing wet darkroom and photo program. I am the Head Lab-Tech for the department and am one of the three people who's job it is to keep the color processor running smoothly.

I work in a variety of media, but I guess I would say that about half of what I produce is digital and the rest in done in the darkroom; it's very odd, but at my school at least, we are far better equipped to work traditionally-our main digital lab is somewhat lacking. I myself think that debating the medium one uses is a waste of time, one's work is neither advanced nor hindered by this, I think the content is far more important (something I think many of my classmates would disagree with).

I view photography as the tool best suited to the type of work I want to produce, it is probably the most fascinating medium being used today in the art world. This forum seems like the best place to find like minded people to share and discuss this with. In the relatively brief time I have considered photography to be a central part of my life, I have seen it evolve as a medium in a way that few seem to have predicted, many dislike, and just as many are fascinated by. I would place myself in that group, what we do is so much more than just taking pictures, and that's what interests us.

Hope to hear from many,