Good morning;

I am still using a Weston Master II from around the late 1950's. It still seems to be working when checked on the Kyoritsu and the good old "1/film speed = seconds at f 16" guide line in daylight. I even bought a Weston Master V to be sent out for repair to go along with it. I like them. They do not require batteries, even if they go not go down very far in low light. If I really want take a photograph in moonlight, I will drag out the Gossen Luna-Six or something equivalent.

If you keep the Weston meter in a dry environment, it should last a very long time and give you very good service, except for the extreme low light level thing. Low light level; OK. Extreme low light level; no.

I still believe in older technology. Just because something has an excessive accumulation of years does not mean that it is obsolete. (I hope that statement applies to me also.)


Ralph Javins