In reference to Ebay articles....

I am often amused at the excessively high prices that used Rodenstock Sironar-S series of lens are sold for. There is no disputing the quality of a Rodenstock lens but if people where to check around and read specs/reviews on Schneiders. Nikkors, Sironar-N and others they would see that the advantage of a Sironar-S is not as significant as some think.

Just goes to demonstrate once again that some folks are buying the name and not the product for an intended use.

I guess Kerry's comment about "prying from my dying hands" has served to make Rodenstock Sironar-S a collectable, regardless of other performers. Too bad that it is currently available new as that prevents it from being classified as a collectable.

But heck.... for $40.00 less that a new one, you too can own a used, almost collectable lens. :>))