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I simply don't see how MW was invoked. I see no connection, to be honest. The subject matter and the capture and print techniques seem entirely unrelated.

And now I don't see how Motherwell was invoked either, his work is far more calligraphic and abstract, in my estimation.

Why don't we compare Tichy to Winogrand? :rolleyes: I mean, if you are going to compare totally different things then you're going to have to help us simpletons out a bit.... connect some dots...
I wasn't comparing tichy to minor white

Why Motherwell
I don't see that kind of abstraction in Winogrands photos. Don't know a whole lot of abstractionist photographers by name. I see that photo as a composition of elements ..not of a ladies back or car or as some kind of emotional story to be read. I am not tying Tichy to Robert Motherwells art or statements ..just this photo to his compositional ability. I believe that photo shoes a great eye but if nothing else the eye of at least an artist of some real calibre.