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Well put.

At least the work is pushing boundaries, there's a husband and wife team in the US who's whole purpose is exquisitely printed mediocrity . . . . . .

OUCH! Can't say I disagree. I have been scratching my head on this one for years....

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Ansell Adams prints were full of 'defects' too, don't see anyone slamming him.
This is very true! A friend of mine worked for one of the premier Ansel Adams dealers in the US and he remarked quite often at how poorly the prints were spotted. I have noticed it too numerous times.

Anyone that thinks a photograph has to be technically perfect to be a work of art should just hang up their spurs right now. Too often the pursuit of technical perfection results in perfect mediocrity. I will take expression over perfection any day.

Peoples reactions to these images is interesting to me as well because I believe you can tell an extraordinary amount about a person as a result of his presumptions concerning the content of Tichy's work. Is he a lecherous dirty old man? Is he one of the most virtuous, irreproachable men walking the face of the earth? Surely the truth lies somewhere in between those extremes.

My only hope after reading about him is that he has benefitted in some way by his work and hasn't been ripped off as so happens to "discoveries" in the art world.

I find his work beautiful regardless of the reasons and methods he used to make it, and regardless of the kind of person he is.