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Anyone that thinks a photograph has to be technically perfect to be a work of art should just hang up their spurs right now. Too often the pursuit of technical perfection results in perfect mediocrity. I will take expression over perfection any day.

FWIW I agree wholeheartedly, but my particular taste is for controlled imperfection in pursuit of a particular aim. Tichy says in the Buxbaum produced and directed doco/promo that one way to be famous is to be the worst in the world at something. If that is his aim and his expression he succeeds IMHO. Nothing in his work seems under control.

As well some of his cameras are on display at the Sydney show and frankly I do not believe that a photograph of any sort could be taken with any of them by anybody including Tichy. It is possible that he hasn't used them for years and that they have been buried in the backyard -- for that is the only explanation that I can suggest for their condition -- and exhumed for his various shows. Check out the website; how does a camera get quite that decrepit without trickery?

Regards - Ross