What I really found sad is that Hasselblad knuckled under and went to 645 and a "digital" ready camera. They were one of the last few companies or shall I say divisions of a company, which took pride in their work and produced outstanding gear that was just what the photographer needed, no more, no less.....and by photographer I mean those who knew what they were doing. Sure, some doctors and lawyers bought them for the status, but then doctors and lawyers are not known for being stupid...no?

Was it expesive, sure....but every time I take it out and take some pics with it, I am amazed at the quality of the pictures. How many digiratis can say that about their digigizmo?

Use expertly and with restraint digital can be beautiful...different than wet prints, but beuatiful none the less. Sadly all the choices PS offers I guess makes people want and have to use them, PS should put a banner on their boxes that reads.."less is more"....

In any case, There are many of us out there who use MF and buy film and I dont think it will die any time soon.