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I hope this stuff is indeed PX & TX. However, we can do all the shooting and looking we want, but what we need is a scientific test. Arista 100 & 400 shot in identical light along with PX & TX and all souped in the same dev for the same time with the same agitation and then given densitometer and possibly other tests to see how closely they match.

Has anyone does this? Do they want to do it?
Reminds me of the classic movie scene of soldiers lined up and being asked to volunteer for a deadly mission. Everyone except one doofus steps back.

Well, that would be one very tedious way. The fact that all development times in all developers are the same as the Kodak offerings practically speaks for itself. The fact that, I think it was Steve, on the previous thread got 1600 EI out of the 400 in Diafine also narrows it down.

I think the case for the AP 400 being Tri-X is pretty well settled. It walks and talks exactly like that Kodak duck. For me - until proven otherwise - it's as good as running it through all those tests.