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After reading all the posts on this thread and the other one about Arista Premium film I have to agree with Paul on this one. Look, the film is made in America, has the exact development times as Tri X and Plus X and face it the only company making film in America is Kodak. I think this is great since I love both films and have shot at least ten rolls of Plus X and Tri X in the last month alone. I will be buying some of the Arista brand in bulk rolls this month since it is such a savings over the Kodak branded box. I just think that everyone should stop obsessing about testing for months on end and buy some too. Then get out and take some photos, have fun and enjoy that Freestyle is offering a great film at a very affordable price.
I will reiterate an observation of mine from the old thread that I will not find it logical to buy 100' rolls - which is what I almost always do. The cost difference, $6, for 18 rolls of 36 exposure says my time is worth that much.

Now, here's where things get interesting. Will the carts be staked or not? Which might also mean are the rolls produced with Kodak or reloads by FS? The latter used to do a LOT of reloads in years gone buy. I've bought Ilford films reloaded at the same time they sold the real thing. Also T-Max 100 and Eastman 5222 XX. Maybe they just needed to dust off the old stuff. However, those reloads were not boxed and these new Premiums are.