about one of the biggest ripp-offs of the history of optics design, the Nikkor 50mm f/1.5.

Andre, take a look at the Nikon article. It deals with primary sources,
and should hold more importance than Rotoloni's.
It's possible you've over simplified what really happened;
there is a bit more to the process than a block diagram.

To be sure, the Zeiss patents may have prevented the Nikkor design from reaching a common marketplace,
but the German patents were suspended. Nikon built their lenses, and the rest is history.

I've always favored Sonnars, and have owned way too many of them. I'm glad Nikon got into the game,
as well as Asahi and Konica, for the various flavors their designs provided.

Murakami obviously used Bertele's Ernostar-Sonnar line as a starting point,
and succeeding Nikon designers carried it on. But to accuse Murakami of "shamelessly copying" Bertele
is like accusing Bertele of 'ripping off' the Cooke triplet, FROM WHICH THE SONNAR EVOLVED.