First and foremost on behalf of Georges Vanier Secondary School, I'd like to come out and thank Bob for his donation to our school. I am the teacher he's talking about. As a high school teacher, there is some risk that I am revealing who I am via online communities but at this moment, I just do not care. We are incredibly honored and privileged to have Bob's support. Bob, your donations will be transformative, and no one will appreciate these things more than the students.

Georges Vanier is a very special place. On one hand it is a place where art is flourishing: Home to the Program2Art digital/classical art programme, we have some of the brightest and best students in the Toronto Board. However we also are located in one of the most economically depressed areas of Toronto. Most all of our students are displaced. A visit to my classroom on any given day can reveal a Afghani student who only has his mother to support him, a student who fled Iran with his father after security forces almost killed him, a Syrian girl, who has barely seen a computer let alone used one, a Japanese student who can barely speak English, a rough and tumble student from Ghana, a large goofy softly spoken Chinese Canadian student, A brilliant student from Ukraine who is fantastic at both physics and the arts, and any number of Chinese exchange students of different dialects. Most of our students cannot afford to visit a pro-lab, let alone own any of the equipment that we have received, which is what makes this special.

In this confluence of different identities that make up Georges Vanier, there is unmistakable creative energy, thirst for knowledge, and drive to perform. Our students are fantastic, and landing what amounts to an art imaging studio upon them is truly unprecedented. I simply can't wait for their eyes to bug out in September when they see what we've received.

Thank you Bob, all I can think is: What a way to tell our students: "This is the way we do things here; welcome to Toronto."

Victor Samou Wong