I will be doing alot of photo travel over the course of the next year beginning next month, and I wanted to ask your thoughts on your MF travel kit. My primary destinations are the southwest and west cost U.S. and then overseas to 3 or 4 countries in Europe. My plan is to enlarge my portfolio, 1. for sale of stock images and 2. for sale of individual prints thru art shows and other channels. To this end I have elected to carry a 6x6 as my primary camera system with a second system being a small 35mm one.

My primary reason for choosing the MF system is 1. it is smaller and faster than my 4x5; and 2. I can crop an image and be left with enough film to enlarge to a reasonable size print over the 35mm system. I will be doing all my own b&w darkroom work with the color work farmed out. The 35mm system will most likely be used for slides only.

I am looking for suggestions as to the what you consider must have lenses in your kit. This can be a highly subjective choice, so I will state that my primary interest are architecture being churches and local points of interest, people in the workplace, and for print sales, landscapes, villages, flowers etc. Right now I am looking at a 2 possibly 3 lens outfit, light tripod and 2 backs with a metering finder, although I do use a handheld meter often. Filters are pretty obvious to me. As far as bags are concerned, I already have 4 of them but I would prefer something less "photo equipment" obvious and to that end have been thinking about a standard (small) backpack and maybe Domke inserts. My travel will consist of car in the U.S. and rail overseas unless I pickup a motorcycle and sidecar. I plan is to stay in B&B's, friends homes and at church dormitories.

Since the membership here is from all over the world, and some are professional traveling shooters, maybe you can share some insights as to your travel kits and to your experience carrying two systems. I would also ask as to your insurance and who it is with. Any other thoughts you have as to the need for lighting equipment, photo accessories and others things related to this "make money" enterprise will be much appreciated. As a final note, although I already own 3 other mf kits, 6x6 Rollei, RB67 and Mamiya 645, I have decided to carry a 501cm for lens rental availability when needed.