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Kodak used to sell 100' at 29.99 at B&H and Adorama. That film was Trix made in USA for international market. The USA made for USA was selling at $44.99. a few years ago they stopped selling them and that was the time I started to try foma and forte. I don't know if the Aristra premium 400 film is indeed a left over stock? or kodak decided to re-label that intentional version.
freestyle has marked the 36exp roll quite low -- at 1.99. the 100' can make about 18 36-exp rolls -- that brings each roll = 1.67.
B&H and other NY vendors have long re-imported Kodak films as gray market. I don't know enough about the market system, but my take is that film is cheaper in some markets and despite flying it two ways, it still is cheaper to import back.

I think it's not unlike pharmaceuticals; the manufacturers will charge what the market will bear. My father takes aracept for his Alzheimer's. No generic is available here. We pay about $60 for 90 days, but the $600 cost counts against his Medicare Part D. Screw that, we just ordered 90 days generic from Canada for $82, no Part D hit.

Sorry for the rant.