This is what I have in my hassy kit. 50mm lens, 80mm lens and 180mm lens. 2 backs, meter, red, blue, green, orange, yellow and a polarizer cable release, . It all fit in a Haselblad case I was lucky to buy on e bay (yep it was expensive as hell, but worht it) no bigger than a lap top.
I would pack a bogen tripod, the small one, in the suit case with a domke bag that had the shoulder harness. I traveled for 5 years with this kit and never once failed me.

OTOH, if your plan is to do stock photography, I would say you pay more attention to your 35 mm gear than the MF. Frankly if you have the money I would say dont even bother with film, the Kodak 14 Meg camera with a tamron 20 to 120 (I think this is correct, not sure, Dan Burkholder showed me his set up and it was incredible) will give you just as good quality as a 35 mm and allow you to take far more pictures. Of course, the flash cards etc are not cheap and you have to hope they dont get erased. It is a trade off.

Let us see some of the pics when you get back..