To Larry and others interested in cibachrome

A couple of months ago I posted thoughts on availability of ciba products, I stated I would do my best to get better info from the source , I have spoken to reliable sources within Ilford and here is what I have been told.
The Rc version of cibachrome is indeed being phased out, except for 50 inch rolls of pearle
Most of the cps line, cfk line and clmk cut sheet line is being held intact , 50inch roll to 11inch roll will be available.
P3x chemistry will be available for the above,

Ilford has openly admitted that they are indeed in trouble as we all have been discussing, but they are ademant that this restructuring will indeed be done and I believe them . Supply to North America will be strained these next few months, an email of support to Ilford US would be helpful as you all can imagine the stressful period they are going through right now.

If any one has 30 boxes of Ilford Warmtone 11x14 glossy please Email .

I have no idea the situation with Black and White as this product was manufactured in England, not the Swiss Plant which I understand is not in any problem