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Sadly, while the bellows, lens and the movements are OK, the shutter (dial-set self-cocking Ibsor) is not, and the ground glass/back lid has split into two.
By "split into two", do you mean that the two frames have come apart, leaving the ground glass itself free in between?

My Avus came with the same problem, and I haven't really been able to work out a satisfactory solution---the frame seems to have been held together with plugs of solder used like rivets. The most promising approach seems to be to drill these plugs out and use the resulting holes to wire the two halves of the frame back together, but I think the results will be dodgy at best.

In the meantime, I've just been holding a ground glass against the back. I should try to put shims together to get it positioned a little more precisely. I'm considering sacrificing a plate holder for a long-term solution; cut out (most of) the back of the holder, leave the darkslide off, and leave a ground glass in it in place of a plate. (Actually, maybe I can make this work with one of my ninety-seven film-pack holders instead.)

Is it possible, while I try to repair the original shutter, to fit the lens into (e.g.) a Compur or Prontor I have lying around?

Or should I try the whole shutter/lens assembly from an old Nettar or Isolette?
I'd try the latter. The Voigtlaender shutter can be unscrewed fairly easily; I don't know if your existing shutters will fit in its place or cover 9x12, but you might as well try, right?

There seem to be quite a few of these old Voigtlaender cameras knocking around (in Europe, especially), many of them with Skopars. If you can score one of these with a bad bellows, it shouldn't cost much and you could switch the shutter over easily.

The camera came with no film or plate holders; while I forage for some, is it possible, without butchering the camera itself, to fabricate a way to use standard 4x5 film holders?
I don't think so. I looked pretty hard at this possibility when I got my first plate cameras; there are springbacks around for use with 2x3 or 3x4 holders, but I haven't found a way to use 4x5. Pity, since it would greatly expand the choice of emulsions.

[...] the external release lever seems to engage a small pushrod, which in turn moves an internal shutter release lever (This shutter's designer is basking in a Special Hell). The pushrod's connecting screw is stripped. Suggestions for repair?
Can you post a picture? (I know you don't do d*g*t*l, but maybe you can get someone to take it for you...)