Welcome to apug, from Sydney, Australia. There are many different types of tanks from different manufacturers. I use stainless steel as they make it easier to control the temperature. Nikor or Honeywell are both fine. Many others use the plastic Jobo or Paterson tanks. Ebay is the place to get them cheap.

As far as developing chems are concerned, i like Ilford ID-11 as a standard developer. It is easy to use but does not last for as long as i would like. I use it as a one-shot (use once then throw it away). Fix and stop bath are also ilford and they are good too. Film that I like is Tri-X 400 and Ilford Delta 100. A lot of this comes down to personal preference. Tri-X 400 is very versatile and forgiving film. I would recommend this as a starting point together with either Kodak D-76 or ID-11. As many here will tell you, experimatation is only useful when you change things slowly over time. Get to know one combination well before changing aspects of your process such as changing developer/film/dilution/development time. Hope this helps.