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... I did my job and kept it out of the landfill.
Good on ya, but don't you think that there's an element of social conscience in this "gas" lark?

Sure there's plenty of folks making a living out of our "condition", but it's also keeping good "stuff" out of landfill.

Secondly, it's preserving and archiving an important part of the technology of the 20th century, and yes in some cases even earlier, for the future.

Shall I stop preaching to the converted now, or would you like me to carry on for a while ... ... and yes, I do realise that I have that appalling zeal of any born again ... whatever.

Now that it has been identified that I'm affected by this condition will it change my life? Probably. If anything it'll probably make things worse ...

... and if things develop the way my interest in bikes has, I'll probably involve bigger and older and less sophisticated equipment, but that's just me.

In fact the thought did strike me today that I could move the EOS outfit on to make room for some more real MF photographic gear

... on the subject of the EOS, I've just remembered the SLR count is actually 4. 2 EOS and 2 OM's

Thank goodness I found you guys before it was too late ...