Victor and Bob, one other little side note besides the paper we'll arrange to get to you from Ted's studio.

As I've been working through those things, I found some BlackJacket focusing cloths, and of course I contacted Keith Walklet to see if he'd like back these prototypes he had given Ted to show students in his workshops. Keith very graciously told me he didn't need them back, and that I was free to do with them as I saw fit. I really hadn't thought about it any further, til I saw that BlackJacket has a banner ad on APUG. In light of the support here for Bob's initiative on your behalf, and the fact that APUG is one of the ways we can bring together those who need help with those who can help, I think that's a sign that these focusing cloths should go to your school. It's not a big thing, but just a little "something extra" that might not otherwise have come your way, I hope.

So, Keith, if you're listening, thanks for being such a good colleague to Ted, and for advertising on APUG so that good works can happen beyond what you originally imagined.

(Not to mention thanks to our own Sean, who makes connections among people possible at all.)

Send me an address, and as I'm shipping other things to other people, I'll get these to you, Victor.

I love it when it works this way.