I'm one of the lucky guys with a no running water darkroom. Previously when I only used it for small contact prints, I just used RC to deal with the lack of water, but now that I got an enlarger, I want to start doing fiber again.

The room is in a sectioned off part of the basement, and the closest running water is a small hose on the otherside of the basement that is primarily used to fill a big tank of water in the water softener system. Doing RC I'd just fill up two buckets and go dev->stop->fix->holding tray->few minutes in first deep bucket->into last deep bucket until wash.

Think I could get by with a similar process with fiber? I'd like to try the TF-4 fixer to eliminate stop and permawash. The instructions say to rinse in running water between developer (I'll be using my old favorite Ethol LPD) and the fix. Is there really going to be enough carry over to affect the fix if I just slosh it around in an 11x14 tray, or better yet, dunk it a few times into a 5-10 gallon bucket of water? Then do the same for holding until I can transfer the prints to a wash? (Btw, This washer would fit in my bathtub, and satisfy the cheap bastard inside me, anyone know if it is a worthless piece of junk, or something just designed for RC?)