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I was initially unable to log in using Firefox 3.0.1 under Ubuntu Linux. I tried Konqueror and that worked, so I quit out of Firefox and tried again. It began working. I therefore suspect some strangeness with cookies. I mention this mainly as information for anybody else who might have the same problem.
This problem has been recurring for me; whenever I log out, I'm unable to log back in using the same browser. (I've seen this with both Firefox 3.0.1 and Konqueror 3.5.9 under Ubuntu Linux for AMD64.) When I manually clear all the APUG cookies in Firefox (via Edit->Preferences, Privacy tab, Show Cookies, enter "APUG" in the Search field, highlight all APUG cookies, click Remove Cookies), I'm able to log in. Ditto when I exit from either browser and start it up again. I haven't tried manually removing cookies in Konqueror.