I am working on a little project where I am photographing some dried leaves in black and white. I have my lights set up how I want, and have a good composition.

My problem is that there is only about two stop of brightness between the shadowy area of the leaves, and the surface portions most directly illuminated by my lights.

I would like to have a longer tonal scale so the final print won't look too flat. These negatives will probably be scanned, and I know I can artificially bump up the contrast in photoshop, however, I would like to do most of the work with added development.

So, now I am wondering where in my zone scale I should place the shadows. Nornally I would put them at about two, but placing them here, there would be a very slow reaction to increased development (am I right here?). Or, I could place them at about zone 4 or 5 and pull in the shadows on the level adjustement in photoshop, yet theoretically have 4 or so stops of brightness over and above that.

Any thoughts? I am thinking of of putting the shadows at about 4 or 5. I haven't done a lot of strict development +1 +2 +3 tests with my materials (Tmax 400 and HC110). Can anyone suggest a rough percentage development time increase to achieve a +1 +2 +3 using these materials?

Thanks for any and all comments.