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Always put your stuff in the Boot (Trunk) of the car - hopefuly you will never have to find out how true this is

Sorry for being so quite so cheerful

A boot of a VW Bug can only hold so much. And there is the question of would make a difference in a Bug at 60 MPH as there may not be enough room inside left for things to fly around in. The only crash I had in it (girlfriend of the time was driving) was a roll down a hill at 25 -30 MPH. Ended up with a lot of rice all over the place. After getting it towed back up the hill, I pounded the roof back up with my hand, pulled the fenders back out away from the tires and continued on our way.

Now, of course, it would be hard to fit my family of 5 in a Bug...but our Minivan has no boot. I take out one of the middle seats and use the seat's tie-downs to strap in then ice chest. Lots of stuff (including camp stove and fuel) go up in the carrier on the roof, but there is still lots of potential missles inside.