I think it says something that this is the second thread in the last couple of weeks that has turned into a digital versus analog debate.

Seems like whatever's easier wins, and the loser sometimes...but rarely...goes away. Planes beat trains but trains still roll, although as a little more than a novelty. TV beat radio, FM beat AM, CD's beat vinyl (maybe one of the closest analogies to what we face).

In all of the above examples, the "losing" medium is now the novelty, and more expensive. It is FAR more expensive to take a train from LA to Seattle than to fly. An AM radio of the quality that was standard thirty years ago is now several hundred dollars. And I saw a turntable at Tower Records the other day for 329. Remember when they were 99, even for direct drive?

It just seems like that's the pattern in our culture: ease beats quality, and whatever's easiest wins. What is harder and of more quality remains, but at a high price and more of a special value.

Just thinking.