I posted this on pn, but I thought I might find more experienced folks over here on APUG. I should have thought of this first.

I found a few 50 sheet boxes of 8x10 Kodak 64T Electronic Output Film in the clearance bin at a local camera store. It is old film, two or three years out of date. I was told that it was kept refridgerated up until about three months ago. The boxes were marked $50 each, but I was told I could have them for $20 each. I didn't buy because I don't really know what it is used for.

Has anyone had experience with this film, especially for use as a camera original film? I gather it is intended for use in film recorders to transfer digital images onto film, and is higher contrast than normal 64T film. It is E6 process, just like regular 64T.

Current stocks of this film in 8x10 50 sheet boxes go for $360. For $20 I can afford to experiment with a box of it, but I'd like to know whatever anyone might be able to tell me about it.