I made a tent to dry 35mm out of a 5gl plastic pail, a clear shower current and some small air vents used on coputer cases.

Use the lid from the bucket for the top. Cut out a couple of holes for two of the vents and glue in place. Use some stiff wire (even a coat hanger will work) and make 2 or 3 guides that you can hang film from. Cut out some holes in sides or bottom of the bucket for vents. Then use sticky back velcro to hold the shower curtain around the lid and bucket. Drill a hole and put a hook with a nut on the other side through the lid to hang it from the ceiling. You an hang as many a dozen rolls of film at one time.

When I hang my film I open the flap enough to reach in with the film still rolled or on the reel in a container of photo-flo. I pull the film out or through the solution inside the tent and then hang with an alligator clip with some lead melted in the wire end from the bottom, held at the top with a clothes pin or alligator clip at the top.

With the three guides you can also hang up to 9 4x5s at one time. Total cost about $6.