I use a contraption that is a large piece of pvc that the whole reel fits in. Underneath it is a piece of plexiglass that keeps the dripping water diverted into a pan and an infrared/red heat lamp underneath the whole mess shining the heat up into the tube. This allows a rising heat tunnel throughout the tube. I put the whole tube, plexi, tray and lamp assembly inside a large portable closet/clothes storage bag which I have cut out the bottom and sewed mess (tulle) into and has cheap, cut & fit air conditioner filters placed over the mess. This is repeated at the top of the bag. The heat from the lamp rises, through the tube and over the film and reels, drying the film and reels without forcing any air around the film. The bag keeps the dust out and the filters allow air movement without introducing dust into the mix.

When I get done with my film (I shoot mostly 120 & 220), I'll run in my Jobo, dip in Photoflo for 30 secs or so, shake the excess off and drop the roll down into the PVC tube. I close the bag and turn on the lamp. In about 20 minutes, the film and reels are dry, no marks, no dust, no spots.

Done this for over 300 some rolls and haven't had a single problem yet, no matter if it was C-41, E-6, or B&W...

You could do the same, but without the tube structure and clip the film inside the top of the bag on lines that you've punched through the closet (it's the kind on a rack with a fiber and plastic bag that zips up) keep some plexi or glass at the bottom in a 45 degree angle and put the heat lamp underneath. The rising heat vortex does really well. I've done this for sheet films when I shoot them.