Oh, I don't know, Ron. I think Kirk has a real flare for the pun. Have you heard his one about dry plates in Oregon? 'Our weather may be wet, but our plates are dry!" Yuh gotta love it.

re sulfur: If the conversation has moved from film emulsions to paper, 'speed' has an important related issue. My favorite handmade paper is at least as fast as Forte Polywarmtone when I enlarge a 120 negative, sandwiched with an (old fashioned) unsharp mask, to 11"x14". Minutes! Of all the things that are relative in photography, speed is at the top of my list.

The rub with enlarging onto handmade paper (in my experience) is that the paper doesn't dry flat after it has been coated with emulsion. It takes a contact printing frame to make even contact across the whole of a negative. I don't like really thick, cold press, heavily-sized papers, so I don't know if they dry flatter, and I don't have a vacuum printing frame. I would really love if someone(s) would try out one or both options for enlarging and let us know how it worked out.