TMY is my Standard Film for B&W MF shots. TMY is much more good-natured than TMX. It is far easier to develop TMY to CI < 0.6 while still reaching nominal speed. TMY lacks the typical increase of contrast in highlights, for which TMX is notorious. I usually process TMY in a rotary tube with XTOL. But I got good results with T-MAX-Developer (which is useless for TMX), D-76 and PMK, too. For finest possible grain, use Moersch MZB (two bath developer, see http://www.moersch-photochemie.de/chemie/c...php?typ=NEGATIV (translate with Google)). I can give you the details for TMY if you’re interested.

My suggested starting point for PMK is: 10+20+1000 12:00 @21°C for rotary processing. Increase 25% for manual agitation.