Yes...understood...acclaimed but reviled; after a handful of transactions with said organization I can say that I've experienced both. In fact I have a few horror stories but this is not the place to get into it. Fortunately, there are few things to go terribly wrong in the mechanism itself. But then there are the electronics. I had a blown out est 1000n power supply and I was looking at a $1,500 replacement cost from our friends in the n.w. not to mention an indefinite back order (and I've already already been there before). I was able to get the schematic from Barry Neuhard of Neuhard assoc. Barry used to be a licenced Durst service man. Barry is good people. Not only did he hook me up with an original schematic for the power supply as well as the maintenance manual but he also sold me an extra power supply for parts, all to the tune of $200. Once you have the schematics repairs can be done by any qualified electrical engineer. I found a very competent circuit board repair shop in South Bend, IN. They got my power supply up and running in no time...I didn't even need to send in the head. The only other guys I know of are Stonemills in Canada and Glennview in IL. Stonemills bought out a distributer some time ago. They have an entire file cabinet full of Durst manuals as well as some schematics. Glenview has a smattering of used stuff sold at a premium but actually very reasonable when compared to that other guy. Hope this helps you see a little further down the road.