The main thing: we need to know that Zeiss is not one company: it started out as Carl Zeiss Optical, in Jena; after Carl Zeiss's death, the owner was its designer Ernest Abbe, who founded the Carl Zeiss Foundation to run it. The Foundation also had many interests, and it organised the amalgamation and acquisition of four camera manufacturers to form Zeiss-Ikon, what can be considered the camera division, but a separate corporate entity.

Zeiss Ikon basically closed up shops in the 1970s, although the Carl Zeiss Foundation still owns the names. Carl Zeiss Optical keeps on going as it is profitable, but it would not be at all economically viable for the Foundation to pour money to start making cameras again: with a lapse of decades they would have to start with a clean sheet of paper and that would be commercially absurd if Cosina already has what 's needed.