I'm down here having a blast but would like to know if there are any good shops or stores? I like dirty camera stores filled with odds and ends, hopefully ran by a man who knows more than I do about every thing.. Like $100 Deardorff's, some post-ww2 leica's in a drum, etc.

No really, are there any places around here to check out some real film cameras, hopefully used ones?

I'll be driving back up to Valdosta, GA. in a few days.
Maybe a list of good photo stores, locations to shoot, cool places to eat. would be nice. I'm open to Gainesville, Jacksonville.etc.

When I get back to Valdosta i'll write up a post for my town. Where to go, places to see. Might be useful to someone else passing through.
There in another appuger in valdosta, even two I believe. I know they exist. hmmm.