Thanks for an interesting thread Daniel. I've enjoyed others' contribution so lets try and reactivate things...

Here's a fairly simple example of some selective burning. The first image is a straight print from the negative. The second image is the finished (manipulated) print - well, as it presently stands anyway...

The grain of the rocks on the river bank was what initially caught my attention, and I've attempted to emphasise them by significant burning of the bush above the rock, and a bit of burning of the flowing water in front of the rock. I didn't want to completely loose the bush although that could easily be done. Corner burns and burns down the left and right edges complete the current printing strategy (although I'm still working on it).

Never Never Creek, NSW Australia
150 Apo-Symmar on my Technika with APX100 in the DDS
Dev Rodinal 1:50 for 10mins
Both prints on MG IV

The bush and water burns are both 1 stop.


Carey Bird