The usual over-hype by the news/weather media actually proved accurate. Fay stayed far too long with too much water and sustained winds in the 60s. We had one tree down (actually a large clump of very old Wax Myrtle) on our screened area. Fortunately, I was able to get it off today without serious damage. Our backyard faces a marsh & the Intercoastal, and it was one big lake at high tides (inching all too close to our pool). One good thing - went out in front yard to pick up broken pine branches and not a single deer/yellow fly to bother me.

And we kept our roof & power, so I was able to do alot of printing. Used up much of my precious stash of Fortezo doing both enlarged & contact prints. Tried a salt print for 1st time, but not very good results. The humidity in my darkroom/garage stayed above 85% so that may explain the salt print problem. Have to go to the beach this weekend to take some erosion pictures.

Hope fellow Floridians came thru this storm OK.