Maybe I should have been more specific in describing what I had in mind. I hate the idea of being exclusionary and would rather not say X is ok but Y isn't. But here is what I was thinking: many of the handcoated processes have allot in common and many people don't have access to shows where they can see first hand what, for example, a well made Van Dyke print could look like. So an exchange and discussion of the prints could probably help some of us out. But this would have to be limited to processes that have enough in common to be of help.

Maybe even having more than one process isn't feasible. Maybe there would be enough people starting out in Pt/Pd to make an exchange of just that process work. Maybe another one of Van Dyke/Kallitype. The idea is not just to be able to collect prints, but also to learn and see.

Anybody have any suggestions or ideas?