Not any more, I have moved back to Europe, and sell the odd one here and there, if someone contacts me after seeing it on someone else's table. I didn't get an ISBN number since the bulk of the sales were intended in China. I personally would not repeat it the way I did. It was alot of hard work and took the fun out of photography for me (it took three months to slelect images, layout the book with my publkisher friend etc....and then after release, there was six months of marketing on weekends etc). Blurb seems to be an easier option without the stress of the outlay. The advantage of Blurb is that you can produce a single printed book, and use it as a basis for seeing if outlets are interested. You can then get it an ISBN number...but as I don't make much money the Blurb route (I know a couple of people who have produced books through Blurb, like Suzanne Levy on APUG). Depends on what you are wanting out of this. The act itself, or as an investment/return project. K