I thinks that this is a great idea! I have been on the cusp of trying Kallitypes toned in Platinum or Palladium. I have done a few VDB from 4x5 in the past. It would be great to have a support group/mentoring exchange. TomTom's working prints, and of course, your variety of wonderful AP prints, shown at the SF Bay gathering, really made me want to try the alternative processes again.

What few alternative process prints that I have seen "live" have been an inspiration. You may count yourself, and your prints, in that group.

During one of Per Volquartz workshops, his co-leader, Harvey gave an absolutely great mini-workshop on PT/PD printing. He took the mystery out of the process. He is an accomplished photographer, and an emerging PT/PD printer. His prints were very appealing.

Sandy King's posts and articles regarding Kallitypes has me leaning in that direction. I have considered the published PT/PD workshops, but time & $$$$$$$$$ dissuade. I just hate to put out funds for materials to waste in solo learning. The PT/PD Kallitypes appear to be a cost effective entry and learning point.

We could do the print exchanges and then, perhaps have scheduled discussions in the chat room. There may be enough APUG'ers in the Bay Area to have some sharing meetings and/or workshops. Another of our SF Bay Wine 'n' Show attendees is just coming back from a PT/PD workshop.

I do not have any alternative process prints to exchange now. But I think your idea would be most beneficial to current and pre-emerging AP printers.