I actually joined about a a year ago but just got a round to posting this introduction. I started photography in the 1950's with a Contaflex and Kodachrome film. Learned basic darkroom in High School and then went to college where I joined the Yearboook staff as a photographer. In graduate school I first worked as a stringer for the Milwaukee Journal and then for the Wisconsin State Journal as a Staff Photographer. I also shot weddings in Graduate School as my National Science Foundation Grant was simply not enough money for a family. I left photography and the State Journal to pursue my career as a Nuclear Engineer. There simply was more money in Nuclear Engineering than photography, at least for me.
I am now retired and have returned to photography. I have the freedom to pursue photogrpahy and am currently using Leica M equipment and ASPH lenses. I have shot a few weddings in Kodachrome with this equipment and am for the most part satisfied, although Nikon Digital equipment would be much easier! I still use Nikon SLR equipment but mostly with long lenses.
I have a few projects in progress using both Kodachrome and one using Tmax 400. I suspect the Kodachrome project will be the last thing I do in that format as sooner or later Kodak will pull the plug on K64. Hopefully I can glean some information from this site and also provide information.-Dick