Jack, you did manage to attach a scan! And I don't see any softness issues on my monitor. It'd be pretty hard to diagnose a problem, if there is one, unless you zoom in much more on the scan. But what I see looks fine.

A couple stray thoughts...

*Perhaps you might run the neg through KRST- it might give you a bit more tonal contrast; my assessment of the deltas is that they do tend to produce slightly soft-n-dreamy edge contrast, compared to the traditional b&ws. In my experience, if you go from a trad. grain film to a delta you might at first feel like sharpness is lacking. In my opinion, it isn't that the film is inherently less sharp, it's that it has less edge 'bite' so to speak.... If you want the appearance of more edge sharpness then you might consider fp4+ or hp5+.

*I'm not familiar with your lens and can't say offhand whether it is sufficiently optimized for close focus. This might be an issue but I would think it'd give you disappointing sharpness toward the edges, not across the whole image.

Again, I can't make out any issues in your attachment, really. I think it works well as is.