Hey everyone, I was just wondering if you can help me complete my 'to-buy' list for first time developing supplies. I'll be developing 120, so things like a film cap remover won't be necessary.

I have a few bits and pieces so far, and I was just wondering if you can help me sort the remainder of what I need, so I can write up my list and buy it all in one foul swoop. I'm notorious for leaving things out!

-What I have:
Developing tank
Film reels
Changing bag
Scissors (who doesn't?!)
Pegs and a line, ready to hang negatives

-What I need:
Developer (any recommendations?)
Fixer (again, any recommendations?)
Measuring cylinders (50ml and 500+ml)
Negative storage sleeves

I hope that's it. Now for a couple of questions regarding a few bits and pieces.
Will I need a stop bath? Will I be able to get away with just using water, or does paying the minimal price for stop bath far outweigh the possibility of having something go wrong? If I should get one, what's a good place to start?
Will I need storage containers straight away? I vaugely remembering reading something somewhere that 'beginners' chemicals are best kept to one use only, making storage containers useless for me at the momnent.
For a timing device, will a standard stopwatch do for now?

Any light anyone can shed on anything put forward here will be greatly appreciated. I have a 4 day weekend this weekend, so I'm eagerly looking forward to getting out and taking some photos, just as much as I am getting to develop my first film/s!

Best regards,