J&C are great guys, but if your in Switzerland, that's rather a lot of traveling that your film is having to do! J&C are US distributors for fotoimpex http://www.fotoimpex.de/

Looks like a nice Yashica 44a you've got there. The 44a was my first serious 127, and I've stll got a soft spot for it - it's a lot cleaner design than some of the more full featured cameras, which makes it way fun to use. You're really not going to miss the self timer and flashbulb sync that the full 44 has. The 44a came in loads of different colours too! Now if I were to come across a 44a with the Yashinon lens and in a funky colour I might never use anything else.

It's always nice to find someone who thinks I'm not totally crazy for putting so much effort into what they see as an odd format, but these really are great cameras.