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As an aside, I've frequently wondered why the publishing industry hasn't gone to POD for all but its very top-list authors--JK Rowling, John Grisham, and their like.

Wouldn't it make sense to accept higher per-book production costs, but print only what is ordered with virtually no unsold books or other "carrying" costs?
No, mainly because the economics of commercial trade publishing doesn't work unless at least a few thousand copies are sold of a new book anyway. Unless you've got a way to eliminate editorial costs, typesetting, advertising and promotional costs, corporate overhead, etc. and etc. On the other hand, POD makes a lot of sense for slower-moving backlist where those costs have already been amortized.

Also, as long as you're moving physical product through retail channels, there will be unsold books. No matter what.

As to printing, it's been a few years since I've had to do any print buying, but you might look to see who's doing printing in Iceland. You didn't say where you were, and whether you needed color or b&w (makes a big difference). Some years ago I saw some print samples from a printer in Iceland (the name unfortunately escapes me at this time), some museum exhibit catalogs, both b&w and color, and the work was absolutely top-notch. Really, some of the best half-tone repro I'd ever seen. Prices were not too bad, even at shorter runs, though more than Hong Kong.