hey there

i had an itty bitty bh8 as well as the h8, the no-rx version of your camera.
i really enjoyed using it and put a ton of film through it when i had them.
when i originally won a H8 on ebOO, the seller didn't realize he was selling me a H16 LOL
with a boatload of lenses so i had one of thems too.
later i found a H8 ... and used them all for a while,
until i realized i was broke and sold everything off to folks i knew would enjoy using them.
ritz camera ( not the chain but the camera store in AZ ) used to have a very active discussion board
and there were a ton of movie makers there ...

i miss my bolexes and often times think of getting another little one, but unfortunately i am still as broke
now as i was when i sold everything off.