See the photos in my gallery. Some of them were published in the newspaper. I left just as Gemini was starting.

The first 6 astronauts used custom made cameras by Red Williams. They used 35mm or 120 film. The still cameras were derived from off-the-shelf models with extreme modificaiton for weight. Hasselblad was one model used. Some of the film in the capsule was ECN (motion picture film) so that high quality could be obtained with long latitude. These credits are made in the National Geographic article on the early shots and NG published a limited edition pamphlet on the photography which was about 50 pages long. I believe that this limited edition pamphlet is very hard to get. I think I only have one left.

Many photos were taken on HS Ektachrome and then cross processed at ISO 400 for the high speed it gave (160 normally). In C-22, HS Ektachrome was more like 400. One of these photos was on the front page of Life magazine, taken by an NG photographer, IIRC.

Every month, I had to box up all original footage to sent to Wright Patterson AFB for the government archives. In a brilliant move, all of this was destroyed recently, and the University of Central Florida have been trying to reconstruct photos from private (retired) individuals such as myself. I have supplied the project director there with about 100 of my personal photos and I have also contributed to the historical book "Go For Launch". Art LeBrun, co-author got many of my anecdotes and photos to supply to the author.

But, the fact remains that early documentation of the space program was destroyed by the government.