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I've got some WD2D+ that is probably 18 months old, still 3/4+ full. I haven't used it in a while, as I had found HC-100 dil H/HP5 to be a great combo. I just shot my first Classic 400 and thought I'd give WD2D+ a try.

Photographer's Formulary was vague about shelf life, something along the lines of " a good while."

Does anybody have more specific information, or should I just pour it down the drain? Maybe I'll try PMK next time, it seems to have a great shelf life.
Stock Solution A of WD2D+ is basically very similar to Stock Solution A of PMK, and the latter will last for several years in a partially full bottle. The B solution will last indefinitely. So chances are your developer is as good as new after only 18 months.

But just in case test first with unimportant film.