I think one simply has to meditate on the definition of circle of confusion and realize that with a larger format neg, the enlargement factor for the final print is much smaller than what is required for a print from a 35mm neg.

There simply is no free lunch with optics. Either you enlarge at capture time or you enlarge at print time. And before somebody says "yes but you can always drumscan the smaller neg thus bypassing print enlargement..." well, sure! you can! But the starting smaller-format neg contains far less tonal information and rougher transitions from in focus and OOF elements.... these are issues quite separate from ultimate resolution of high-frequency detail.

So, again, one simply must assess which tool is right for the particular job. If I thought that shot I posted could have been done on 35mm, well of course I would've done it on 35mm. I don't have any particular compulsion to spend extra time and money on LF...

Again, I worry about focus match with a tlr for macro. I mean, how do you know that it's right on the money.