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In everything I do, I like to use "odd formats". My bass guitar has a so strange shape, that I can not use any standard cases,
I've got 3 Kubicki Ex-Factors, which aren't SO strange a shape, but are definatly odd basses. Love 'em to bits. I've also got a day-glo pink BC Rich. The one time I used it, I got kicked out of the Jazz-Funk band I was in at the time :-)

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Ian, I find your website great :-) I even tryied a 35mm film on my Yashica 44, with a Lunasix as spotmeter, I find it makes very good results :-) as soon as my pictures will be printed, I will put them on my gallery :-) (they should be ready on thursday).
thanks - it's taken a lot of work, but it's starting to come together. As always there are still a few new cameras I want to add (a mysterious german folder arrived today - I've NO idea what it is!), and gallery photo's are always welcome.

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